Transition Leadership Team

"Be the change you want to see in the world". Mahatma Gandhi

Our Mission

To help create a better future for each other.

Student Scholarship​

We put on fundraisers at school that not only improved the school culture but also helped us earn money for a scholarship specifically for students with disabilities. Our record of what we have given out in scholarships awards is below.

Donations are always welcome. Please send them to

Churchill County High School

c/o Sara Camper

1 Greenwave Cir.

Fallon, NV. 89406

2014-15     1- $500.00

2015-16     2- $500.00

2016-17     3- $350.00

​8th grade mentors

​Team members went to the middle school and answered questions the 8th graders asked us about the high school. We made word searches, scrambles and a map with important information for the students.
Teacher presentation


​In 2014-16 the team members sent out a anonymous questionnaire to the special education students at the high school. The team then presented the students answers to the teachers. In 2015-16 the team did a simulation of many of the disabilities students have so the teachers would have to walk in the students shoes.  In 2016-17 students presented their struggles to the staff and explained what it is like.