About The Programing

Transition planning usually starts at age 14 at you the IEP meeting but can start earlier. All students with IEPs must receive this planning and services. Each year students and the IEP team identify what the student’s wants to do after high school which is their post-secondary goals. Employment, education/training, and independent living must be discussed. The goal of the team is to match up course work, annual goals  and transition services with the students post-secondary goals.


It's never too early to start preparing for your students future.

Transition Class for Seniors

Life Skills

Post-secondary training

This class was created by the CCHS Special Education department to help students that are seniors meet their post-secondary goals and be more successful in their lives after high school.

We teach skill sets in the areas listed below....


Life skills encompasses the skills needed to understand and make financially sound decisions, as well as live independently and successfully navigate the community.

Employment skills involve the development of a working portfolio and the ability to find, apply and maintain a job.

Employment Skills


  • Budgeting

  • Comparison shopping

  • Mock checking and savings

  • Credit management

  • Taxes


Independent living

  • Driver’s permit

  • General applications

  • Apartment/utilities information

  • Time management

  • Organization



  • Current events

  • Street law JPO

  • First aid

  • Community service


  • Resume

  • Cover letter

  • Job research

  • Personal statement

  • Letter of recommendation



  • Applications

  • Interview protocol

  • Mock interviews


Maintaining employment

  • Customer service skills

  • Work place standards

  • Conflict resolution

  • Following direction

  • Constructive criticism

Post-secondary training includes the examination of a variety of options and resources for training after high school.

College    (2/4 year)

  • Executive functions


  • Scholarships

  • Entrance paperwork

  • College tours


Other tour or services

  • Job Corps

  • Vocational Rehabilitation

  • Military recruiter

  • Trade/ technical schools

Tour job Connect